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Now that you're all settled in, let's get down to business.

Blog tables:


  1. Please keep vulgar language to a minimum.
  2. No explicit pictures.
  3. No explicit posts.
  4. No spamming, flaming, etc. Just be nice to other users.
  5. If you must curse, please substiute one letter for a symbol.
  6. Arguments between users must be taken to private messages.
  7. Debates on chat are fine.

Posting rules:Edit

  1. Posts here will be done on forum pages, not blogs.
    1. What to do:
      1. Create a page for yourself, like Jayjay's Blog Table (don't do any User:name/blahblahblah)
      2. Message me with a link to your page, and I will put it on the blog tables page.
      3. When you want to make a post, go to the bottom of your blog table's page to where it says 'discussions about [pagename]', click 'start a discussion', and you're good to go!
      4. After you have made a post, go to the 'Blogs (or posts)' section you will have created on your page and link all your posts there.
  1. Please know that posts are places for you to express your opinions. Even if you hate something with a passion, try to be as civil as possible about it. Feel free to discuss the living hell out of the topic--as long as you stay within bounds.

Have fun!

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