Part OneEdit

The first dream I had was that all of us DARPians got together, which more or less included Jisk, Frejah, Colin, Lissy, Jay, Me, and Kira. (Sorry if my subconsciousness did not include you.) Then I started handing out fancy gifts of appreciation, such as River Song art to Frejah, and a JK Rowling signed The Tales of Beedle the Bard and a really big thesaurus to Jisk and such. Then Jay starts talking about how on the way to the meeting place, I kept slapping her hands off the radio because I needed "Absolute concentration... Shhhhhhh." while making a funny face while pretending to drive. Then, we started talking about something but I forgot what it was. Then the dream ended.

Part TwoEdit

After part one ended, my brain moved onto another dream, which involved me in a same-sex relationship. It was very weird. It ended when I woke up, which was soon after the dream started. I have no idea how to interpret this.