Katherine Déonté-Marxa: 10? yrs, fav. color yellow, blonde hair like Nora, brown eyes like Jason, She's very much a dreamer and her imagination is boundless and sometimes far-fetched. In her head she's  ruthlessly optimistic but out loud she's incessantly realistic--i.e. almost to the point of pessimism. She's artistic, but she refuses to draw with anything other than charcoal and crayons--it's a quirk--and Nora swears she inherited this from her grandmother. Her art is often an abstract expression of both her optimism and imagination and her realism; rarely does she draw anything that does not need explaining, even if it seems very straightforward. She's very mature for someone so young, most likely due to her parents' divorce and their unwillingness to hide from her the wrongs in the world. She's opinionated and unafraid to express her thoughts, regardless of what they may be. She's kind to all things and only mean to people who are mean to people other than herself. She doesn't show her floaty, hopeful side to anyone other than her close friends. She's always eager to try new things and not always careful to mind the middle steps, consequences, and risks. I imagine her as a Gryffindor or maybe a Hufflepuff, but whatever :P Her parents divorced when she was three, her mother visited every birthday--July--and Chrismas--December--up until she was eight. To her understanding this was her father's doing, as she knows that her mother would never willingly stop visiting. She has no idea why, though, much like she doesn't quite understand why her parents divorced in the first place. When they interact it's obvious they still have feelings for each other; even a fool could see it. Near her tenth birthday her father got them into a car wreck, hospitalizing both of them but not Ellie, her dad's girlfriend who was also in the car. Her mother visited out-of-the-blue--much to Katherine's delight--but her dad didn't seem to like it at all. There were complications due to a concussion and internal bleeding, but Katherine made if out okay. Things not necessary but whatever: Ellie, her dad's current girlfriend, is the only one Katherine likes and who likes Katherine, but she's still not Nora. General history, sexuality, future gender identity, etc are flexible; Jason is not abusive, just not always as there as he should be.